Capacity Building


In trying to incorporate the leanings and suggestions from stakeholders including the grass root NGOs/CBOs, CML has, in its second phase (2011-2015), decided to work on CAPACITY BUILDING to enable the NGO sector of the North East to respond to the emerging needs. CML’s perspective on capacity building refers to effective development of human resources equipping individuals with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to perform in a dynamic situation. It also refers to organizational development, the elaboration of management structures, processes and procedures.


The Capacity Building programme of CML aims at creating a pool of at least 100 social entrepreneurs or community leaders in the region in the coming 4 years. Thus the effort is to develop organizations through leadership development. Each of the 100 organizations shall be so capacitated as to enable them to meaningfully work with at least 500 households by adopting the SHG methodology. The ultimate aim of the programme is thus to directly enhance the livelihoods of at least 50,000 poor households.

Implementation Strategy:

Under the CB programme, CML shall closely work with nascent livelihood organizations of the region on a cluster basis. The nature of CML’s engagement with the selected NGOs/CBOs shall be very intensive in the first year which would progressively decrease in the subsequent two years.

  • Trainings
  • On site follow up and hand holding support
  • Internship support
  • Fellowship support
  • Market Linkages
  • Exposures
  • Mentorship
  • Establishment of relationship with donors

Structured trainings, either on-site or off-site, shall be provided on the following topics:

  • Strategic Business Plan
  • Human Resource Management
  • Finance & Accounts
  • Livelihood Promotion
  • Strengthening operations process and documentation and
  • Two need based trainings to be decided through appropriate means mutually decided by the parties

Once the focused trainings are complete, there shall be on-site follow up of the implementation of the learnings with actual handholding. Each NGO/CBO shall have a nodal CML staff responsible for providing the necessary facilitation support.


Under its Capacity Building Program till date, CML has partnered with 69 organizations from all the Northeastern States. Out of these 69 organizations, 26 organisations were made partner in Batch III in year 2014. from. Brief profile of CB partners are given in the link below:

CB Partners Brief Profile