Energy Project

One of the major catalysts sustaining poverty (socially and economically) in the Northeast is the lack of access to affordable and reliable energy sources. Energy is directly related to basic amenities required by a household to do well, whether it involves access to clean water, children’s education, health or wellbeing. In the region, most of the geographically isolated hilly areas and rural areas are underserved by the conventional grid, leaving many rural households in the dark after night, and dependent on high- cost diesel machines to run for generating power. The problem is further aggravated by poor financial inclusion by the state through facilitation of alternate means of energy sources.

Program Objectives:

Sustainable Energy Ecosystem Development (SEED)- By developing an energy ecosystem, it will ensure sustainable and equitable energy access. This will address multidimensional and multi-layered cross cutting issues of poverty, health and education in rural, urban and tribal communities living in the remote areas. The various components of the ecosystem include-

  • Appropriate technology and design, customised as per the needs of every household
  • Financial inclusion for all, to adopt clean and affordable energy solutions,
  • Inclusivity in policy making to incorporate in government, financial and environmental policies,
  • Market linkages, to provide complete supply chains for parts/components that are necessary for the design of the solutions that address the local needs,
  • Human Resource Development, to create the necessary local human resources across the entire value chain – innovators, technicians, service providers, sales personnel, and entrepreneurs- for delivery of such solutions.


OUTREACH – 1 State| 08 Districts | 11 Blocks |70 villages | 900 Beneficiaries

  1. Ensuring Energy Security for Communities living in remote areas in Manipur

The major objective of the Energy programme in Manipur is to create a sustainable and affordable financing program to provide decentralized renewable solar energy solutions to 3000 households.

The project intervention is helping poor and marginalized communities to access energy in a sustainable way with financial support, quality service and efficient service providers. The poor households are provided with financial support to own solar system by providing loan with marginal interest rate and long recovery tenure. The loan is customized based on the needs of the households and their affordability. CML is achieving its objective by partnering with Local NGOs/Micro-Finance Institutions in Manipur for low cost financing for Solar energy solutions with marginal interest rate and increased loan tenure affordable to poor households. The project has light up over 500 houses disconnected from the grid system, powered over 100 livelihood equipment’s, provided reliable power supply for basic lighting for households. Over 200 households have reduced the usage of harmful energy sources like kerosene. The project intervention has successfully inspired 4-5 Banks in Manipur to extend lending for 100 households for solar loans.